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Modern Kindergarten Teaching Methods
on: October 10, 2021, 06:49:45 PM
It is also called kindergarten or nursery, during which the child is prepared to move from the mini-environment at home to school and thus communicate with society and people, and start a new stage that differs from the previous stages.

The importance of kindergarten
During the kindergarten stage, children are taught all letters, numbers, and colors in more than one language, especially in Arabic and English, as well as teaching them some important words that are widely used around them.

 They also learn many skills related to how to communicate and communicate with surrounding people and society in general, in addition to teaching them some positive behaviors and good manners, such as:

 Cooperation, hygiene, dining etiquette, conversation etiquette, and some traffic lights, and the child emerges from this stage and has been prepared in all respects to start the school stage, which completes what he started in the kindergarten stage.

Modern Kindergarten Teaching Methods
There are many methods that are used recently in kindergartens in order to communicate all the important and required information for children at this age, and the most important of these methods are the following:

Use the suspense method
It can be obtained through acting and storytelling of some necessary information in order to reach children easily and quickly, and children can also be allowed to participate in it and discuss among themselves.

Use of some teaching aids
Which is an aid in the teaching process and can be handmade by the teachers and with the participation of the children in the kindergarten; Such as paintings for some different graphics and their names, or paintings for letters in Arabic and in English

Treat the teacher kindly
The teacher must have a tolerant and cheerful face and be able to form friendships with children at this age. She must also have the ability to control children’s behavior and encourage them to communicate with others and break the barrier of fear or shyness they have from others.

Note: Treating each child based on his mental abilities, not oppressing some smart children and not marginalizing the less intelligent children, and using the method of dialogue and discussion with children, and allowing them to ask some questions that may come to their mind while trying to answer them.

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