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How to strengthen your hearing
on: October 10, 2021, 08:23:58 PM
Hearing impairment
A person may be exposed to internal problems in the hollow of the ears, such as the presence of infections, genetic or congenital problems that cause direct damage to the hearing ability, which makes him have clear hearing impairment

 and great difficulty in understanding the events and conversations that are going on around him, and this causes him embarrassment. Clear, and problems communicating with those around him at home or the work environment

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because he does not fully comprehend all the words that are said to him; As he is mentioned unable to hear some of the phrases in the dialogue or the general meeting, and this affects his job performance. Hearing loss is a health problem that increases with age

As a result of some damage to the cochlea, which causes partial or complete damage to the hairs, and the sensory nerves connecting to the brain, it is not possible for them to transmit electrical signals in the correct manner, and this results in a severe difficulty for the person to understand what is going on around him.

Hearing loss levels
The degrees of hearing vary from person to person. They are usually of four levels: mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, severe hearing loss, and severe hearing loss; It is closer to deafness. There are a set of symptoms that reveal that a person has a hearing loss that we will address.

Hearing loss symptoms
Not being able to hear the phone ring or the doorbell most of the time. Constantly complaining about the lack of clarity in what others are talking about during family sessions or meetings at work.

Raising the volume of the television or radio during the evening with others. make extra effort; To interpret the words of most people during their conversation. Ask others to repeat what they have said two or more times.

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Natural ways to improve hearing
Treatment of inner ear problems: If there are infections, chamomile can be used boiled and inhaled steam, but if a person suffers from pus or pus, or worms in the ear, he must use two drops in the morning and evening of onion water, and it is a useful treatment for tinnitus.

Vinegar vapor can be used to get rid of the problem of hearing loss and tinnitus. Improving the dietary pattern: by focusing on eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D; Like milk and derivatives, these are useful for maintaining the health of the ear and the safety of hearing.

 It also strengthens the cochlea and all the bones in it, in addition to eating vitamin A foods; To protect the ear from common problems such as sweet potatoes, carrots, etc


Continuing to eat a spoonful of natural honey mixed with cinnamon; To ensure the maintenance of strong hearing in the ear. Avoid loud sounds and sources of noise; As loudspeakers, or loud music at parties, or shootings

Make sure to wear earplugs; to protect it from harm. Clean the ear at the doctor regularly; To get rid of the excess glue, which accumulates in it, which reduces the ability to hear clearly, with the need to drip a little glycerin or olive oil in it before the washing process.

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