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How to make an Instagram hashtag
on: October 10, 2021, 10:03:01 PM
Instagram hashtag
The hashtag is the most used way to classify information circulated on various social media, and using the hashtag via Instagram and adding it to the various photos and videos that are published through the user's account is one of the fastest and easiest ways that leads to the publication getting likes.

In fact, using the hashtag with the user’s posts may increase the number of followers of his account via Instagram, and you can add the hashtag to a post through the user’s Instagram account by following the following steps:

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Taking a picture or a video clip or uploading either of them from the user's device for publishing. Add one of the filters provided by Instagram if the user wishes to do so, then click on the Next button. Click on Write a caption

To add an explanatory text about the photo or video to be posted on Instagram. Include the hashtag within the explanatory text by typing the hashtag symbol (#) and then followed by a text or even an emoji. Click on the Share option.

Note: You can add a hashtag to a post previously posted on the user's Instagram account by modifying the caption accompanying the post, and then inserting the hashtag within it, or you can include the hashtag in a comment on the user's post

Copy the hashtag and add it to the user's post
If the user finds a specific post that contains one or more hashtags, the user can copy those hashtags and add them to his Instagram post, by following the following steps:

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Open the Instagram application and go to the post that contains the hashtags to be copied and added to the user's post. Click on the three dots icon on the post you want to copy the hashtag from.

Click on the Copy Link option on Android devices, or click on the Copy Share URL option on the iPhone app. Open one of the web browsers available on the user's device.

Paste the copied URL into the address bar of the opened browser, then click the Go button on the device to open the Instagram post through the browser. Specify the hashtags that the user wants to copy, then choose the Copy option.

Create a new post on Instagram and then paste the copied hashtags into the created post. Finish preparing the post, then click on the “Share” option.

Things to keep in mind when creating a hashtag
There are many things that the user must consider while creating a hashtag via Instagram, and they are as follows: It is prohibited to use spaces and special symbols such as the $ symbol or the % symbol and others in the hashtag.

Numbers can be added and used in the hashtag that is used on Instagram. The post on which the hashtag was used appears on the hashtag pages if the user's account is public, while it does not appear on those pages if the account is private.

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Hashtags can only be added to the user's own posts. It cannot be added to the posts of other Instagram users. A user is allowed to include up to thirty hashtags in a single post

If more than thirty hashtags are included in one photo or video, the comment containing those hashtags will not be published.

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Re: How to make an Instagram hashtag
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Re: How to make an Instagram hashtag
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