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The difference between web design and web development
on: October 10, 2021, 10:46:31 PM
Website development
Web development is the creation and publication of websites on the Internet, and web development includes the following steps: determining the goal of the site, designing the site, planning, collecting the contents to be displayed within the site, creating the site and its readinginess , uploading the site to the server, marketing this site and following up any problems may occur.

Website development is divided into two parts: front-end development and back-end development. The front-end developer is concerned with the visual design of the website.

Whether this design is created or delivered to him by the website designer, the front-end developer uses HTML to build the site, CSS to define and format visual styles, and may use Javascript.

For some small projects, front-end development may be the only type required, but for more complex projects back-end development will come into play, and back-end developer handles more complex programming and tasks on web pages

It defines how the site works and how customers operate on it using certain functions and may include connecting to a database or creating features such as E-commerce shopping carts in e-commerce projects that connect to online payment processors.

Sites Design
Web Designing is the most used term for professionals in this field, and it includes a very wide range of skills, one of which is visual design, and the website designer deals with the front end part of the site facing customers.

The web designer must be concerned with how the site appears and how customers interact with it. The site design must include details of how information is displayed on the site, a structure for the site layout and a map of the site's pages.

Good web designers use design principles to create sites that are attractive and easy to use. They not only make the site beautiful, but design user-friendly sites to attract users. The more beautiful and easier the site is to use, the more users will be able to use this site.

The tasks of each of the website designer and the developer of the website The tasks of each of the website designer and developer are summarized as follows: Website designer: Designing and creating a database schema. Create a web schema. Determining the appearance of the website pages according to the content provided by the customer.

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Re: The difference between web design and web development
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