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Tile polishing methods
on: October 10, 2021, 11:26:11 PM
Tile polishing methods
Tiles can be polished by following one of the following methods: Using a tile polishing machine Material and tools required: A tile polishing machine. broom. Clean mops. clean water. warm water. rough brush; Wax removal material. Bucket. Dish washing liquid. soap. a fan.

Action Steps:
remove furniture, tables and chairs, bedspreads, rugs, and anything that might cover tiles; In order not to hinder the cleaning process, it is best to keep pets out of the room while working in it. sweep the ground; To remove any large dirt on the tiles, then wipe it with a damp mop

TRANSLATED FROM:طريقة تنظيف السجاد بالخل

To get rid of any dust and small dirt stuck in it until the tiles are clean; So that the individual is not preoccupied with removing dust from the floor while he is cleaning the tiles, and taking care to clean the corners and hidden places.

Make sure to clean the grout lines with soap and water before starting the tile polishing process. Make a solution consisting of about four liters of warm water and one or two drops of dishwashing liquid in a large bucket, then dip the mop in the solution and squeeze it well to get rid of the excess water.

Start by wiping the tiles, making sure to use a clean bucket and as little dishwashing liquid as possible; So as not to leave traces on the tiles. Leave the tiles to dry completely for at least an hour, and a fan can be used; To speed up the drying process of tiles.

Scrub the tiles with a dewaxing agent and a stiff brush; To get rid of any wax on the tiles, and then wipe the tiles with cleaning water to get rid of the traces of the wax remover. Use the tile polishing machine according to the manufacturer's instructions

They are often as easy as using a vacuum cleaner; So that it is run and then sweep the ground with small movements and move from one side to the other; To ensure that all parts of the tiles are clear and no spots are missed.

TRANSLATED FROM: طريقة لتلميع الخشب

Use white vinegar
Materials and tools required: a broom. baking soda White vinegar. warm water. Carpet cleaning brush or toothbrush. wiper. Carbonated water. A dry piece of cloth. Work steps: Remove all pieces of furniture, carpets and rugs from above the tiles, and any other devices that may hinder the process of clearing the tiles. K

Toss the tiles to get rid of any dust and dirt on them, and then wipe them clean. Mix 3.8 liters of warm, clean water with ¼ cup of white vinegar. Put the mop in the water and vinegar solution, squeeze it to get rid of the excess solution, and then wipe the tiles with it, making sure to clean the corners well.

Put soda water on the floor and leave it for a few minutes, then rub it with a carpet cleaning brush; To get rid of traces of wax on it. clean the tiles using clean water; To get rid of traces of any materials that remained on it. Wipe the tiles with a dry cloth and in circular motions; To give it more shine.

Using lemon and dishwashing liquid
Materials and tools required: Vacuum cleaner. Several pieces of lemon. Dishwashing liquid. hot water. floor mop. a fan. Action steps: clean the tiles with a vacuum cleaner; To remove large dirt that may affect the tile polishing process.

Making a solution consisting of hot water and a few lemon slices, dishwashing liquid, and making a quantity according to the amount of to be worked on. Dip the mop in the solution, then squeeze it to get rid of the excess amount of the solution on it, and then wipe all the tiles with it.

rinse the tiles using hot water; To remove stuck-on residue from the mixture. Run the fan so that the tile surface dries quickly, and so that no stains remain.

Use vinegar, alcohol, and dishwashing liquid
Materials and tools required: a broom. cit. alcohol. Water. Dish washing liquid. Clean mop. Work steps: clean the tiles by sweeping them with a regular and electric broom; To get rid of all dirt and dust on the tiles.


Make a solution consisting of a quarter cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of alcohol with 3.8 liters of water, and then a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid is added. Spray the solution onto the tile, making sure to cover the entire tile with the solution, and then wipe it with a clean squeegee.

Rinse the floor with cold water, and it is better to rinse the tiles twice to make sure that all traces of the solution are removed from it. Leave the floor to dry before placing anything on it.

The use of baking soda materials
Tools required: a broom. Vacuum Cleaner. baking soda cit. clean water. Clean mop. Work steps: sweep the tiles with a regular room, and then with a vacuum cleaner; To get rid of all dirt, big and small, and dust on it.

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